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Building Process

Don't you wish you had the time to learn the whole construction process before you start to build? You are invited to visit a construction site with us at any time during or after the project. Contact Platz Custom Homes (PCH) for your appointment.

Getting Started

1. Choose the best builder for you. Consider why you should choose one builder over another. Find out how long they have been building. Ask to see homes they have built in the past and talk to people who are living in them. Find out if your builder will be on-site sometime during each day of the process to ensure quality of all work performed. Does the builder use the same subcontractors on a regular basis? Platz Custom Homes (PCH) has been using the same subcontractors to ensure quality of construction and warranties.
2. Once you have purchased a lot, you can start planning to build by finalizing your blueprints and specifications with your builder. You must decide on the best placement of your home on the lot.
3. Determine the amount of time it will take to complete your new home and other factors that might affect the completion.
4. Finalize the price of the project and find out what factors may affect the finished price.
5. Review all of your selections and allowances with your builder to make sure they are adequate for the job. Discuss how change orders and extras are handled. Insist that your builder keeps you informed of the progress of the project. An example of a typical selection list includes:
- Doors - Windows - Roofing - Siding - Stone or Brick - Plumbing Fixtures - Fireplace - Millwork - Cabinets - Hardware - Countertops & Vanity Tops - Light Fixtures & Receptacle Locations - Appliances - Vinyl Flooring - Carpeting - Tile Walls & Flooring - Paint & Stain Colors
6. Once you have all the above done to your satisfaction, you can start building.